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We, Medico Shield Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is not just an Insurance Consultation Company, at Medico Shield we walk with you through your journey with guidance and apt mentorship. We bring the whole system of Medico-Legal consultancy on a technology platform, effectively eliminating geographical limitations and get you easy access to legal aid right at the convenience of your screen.

We at Medico Shield by principle prioritise the doctor’s needs and protection and thus we make sure that you get it through our robust team made up of Regional support, with local advocate backup and dedicated risk management specialists all of whom are thoroughly trained on crises management and ensure the fastest and secured resolution in case of any error of judgement.

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Services for Doctors

As a leading provider of Medical Practitioner indemnity services, we understand the unique challenges faced by medical professionals in their practice.

Services for Hospitals

Medicoshield is a leading provider of Hospital Indemnity Insurance, dedicated to offering comprehensive protection to hospitals and medical facilities.

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Who we are -
Medicoshield is only complete risk management company for doctors and hospitals with its pan india services.
What we do-
50,00,000 consultations and one serious organization our cap is full of powerful features. Keeping your profession secured is our business.
What we serve-
At medicoshield ,we are for your convenience by making your all day to day affairs simple. Our service are about your convenience and comfort.

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Medico Shield Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

MedicoShield offers indemnity insurance for doctors and hospitals. It provides remarkable services and boasts a robust team of medico-legal experts who serve the medical fraternity during turbulent times. With over 927 Satisfied consultation and counting, MedicoShield has a nationwide presence with 5 branches across India.

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