Medico Shield Consultancy Private Limited

Medicoshield is committed toward confidentiality of member’s cases in order to safeguard the reputation and dignity of its members. We offer Legal Services from Lower Courts to Supreme Court.

As a medical practitioner, if you face allegations of malpractice, negligence, misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, etc., a professional indemnity insurance policy will provide the cover to protect your finances. The purpose of professional indemnity insurance is to safeguard doctors from professional risks such as legal defense costs, claims for compensation, injury, damage borne by a third party or breach of confidentiality, amongst others.

In a time where patients’ expectations of compensation are significant, and the costs associated with litigation are high, professional indemnity insurance is the need of the hour to protect your finances as a doctor. By investing in this policy, you can ensure that despite the 110% increase in the number of legal cases about medical negligence, your finances are protected, and you can carry on your business smoothly, without suffering from cash flow constraints. With our Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy, you can get  coverage  as per risk along with several benefits.

Medico Shield provide the best service and consultation for the doctors and medical staff. With our service, we make sure that you are completely secure and safe under our legendary services