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Medicoshield is pleased to be able to offer multiple solutions to meet your Medical Malpractice protection requirements in all forum. Our team offers comprehensive knowledge of the risks facing the healthcare sector. Our experts have an excellent track record in the medical indemnity insurance area enabling us to provide solutions in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.
let us help you find the medical malpractice insurance cover that’s right for you.


When thinking about medical negligence, we automatically think of breach of hospital care, this is not necessarily the case. In any circumstance where a health professional looks after people’s health, therein lies the risk of medical negligence exposure. The threat of medical malpractice is not just confined to doctors, dentists and opticians, but to any person who is working in the health care field. Most professionals working in the industry are dedicated to providing their patients with the best possible care. Nevertheless, mistakes happen and that can be costly. Even where the liability is being defended and a large cost can be incurred.


Remember to keep accurate patient notes and up to date records at all times.


Where instruments are used, make sure that they are sterilised at all times.


Stay up to date and be aware of new and revised legislative developments in your speciality area of practice.


Open and honest communication between you and your patient is key. This alleviates any misunderstandings, encourages empathy on your behalf and helps avoid exposure to medical malpractice claims.